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  1. To maintain an association of those interested in the origins, history and development of the various branches of the family, the various spellings of whose names are shown on the letterhead of the Society.
  2. To circulate a quarterly journal to inform members about matters of topical interest relating to the family, and to publish genealogical and biographical information.
  3. To encourage the study of the history of the various spellings of the name shown on the the letterhead of the Society and to encourage the publication of definitive research where this is appropriate.


Membership is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Subscription rates are:

bulletUK Membership (with printed journal) - £13;
bulletEuropean Membership (with printed journal) - £15;
bulletRest of World Membership (with printed journal) - £18;
bulletOnline membership (no printed journal) - £11

The quarterly Family Notes journal has now been discontinued, and March 2022 is the final edition. The Society is currently working on an exciting new website and content management system that will better serve the needs of modern P*rr*tt family history researchers and will provide better facilities for accessing and sharing information. We will update members as soon as this is in place. In the meantime, we would ask existing and new members to subscribe for  'Online membership' using the link below.

Membership entitles you to access to the Society’s data, either personally at meetings or through the Research Secretary or County Secretary at other times. These researchers will do their utmost to help you, but please remember that is is not the intention of the Society to do all the work for you; you will need to carry out some of the research yourself. Guidance on where to look will be given willingly.

When writing to the Society, please include a stamped, addressed envelope, and always quote your membership number. If you are an overseas member, please include two International Reply Coupons, obtainable at your Post Office.


Please click on the link below to pay for your membership online. If you are renewing your membership then please provide your current membership number when requested. We will contact you via email to confirm your payment and to find out more about your research interests.

Online Payment

Send mail to webmaster@p-rr-tt.org.uk with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 24 March 2022